Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Growing food

I often think back to days gone by (not necessarily my own) when people spent most of their time growing, harvesting and cooking. Not that I would trade most of my leisure time to procure all of my food and yet we've gone so far from it. I do delight in having a garden and being able to grow at least some of my own food.
This past weekend I planted many things I started growing from seed. I have over a dozen heirloom tomato plants, almost 2 dozen broccoli, watermelon, cucumber, peppers and many assorted beans, peas and maybe a pumpkin. Last summer I didn't buy a tomato for almost 6 months! All summer long we ate cucumbers from the garden and we even had a couple of homegrown canteloupe.
I feel a greater connection to and joy in my food when I have some part in it's preparation. Whether it's planting or growing or just in the cutting or cooking. Somehow that also makes me feel better, lighter and more conscious. Processed foods just don't seem to have the same feel.
As my husband says, when I make his sandwiches for lunch, they just have more love in them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Realizations on food

(Denise) Hi Everyone!!! this topic is excellent, I have seen so many changes in food over the last few years. I would say that I feel the best now that I have ever felt. Never realizing that
much of my moods and sluggishness was due to my diet. I am wheat and soy free at this point, and amazing how light I feel.
One of the biggest realizations I made on food was around abundance in my life. This, of course, (and the of course is for those of you who no me well!) connected itself to money and stability factors. I finally made a connection when everytime I was having to cut back on expenses I was cutting back on food and buying food that was not resonating with the diet my family and I needed. And still I felt a shortage in my pocket book!
So instead, I decided I needed to eat what my body and mind wanted, I did not cut back on shopping or buying what we needed, instead I looked elsewhere in our budget and applied myself to my vocations. I work more hours but with joy in my heart and as I do so, I earn more income, and I feel abundant around food and money. I also have much more joy when I eat and fix meals. My family is happier too since they can also have what they want and need in their diet.
We also have found many new recipes and inspiration from the show "you are what you eat"
it is a bit extreme for us but lots of positive reinforcement around habits and lots of receipes!
If you have satellite and or cable give it a whirl on BBC or go to the website.....
thank you everyone and have a wonderful week! Denise

Monday, May 26, 2008

Inspirational Quote

“Food is a much more powerful tool for transformation than we realize. Imagine where you want to be and eat like that person would eat.
What we need is something we already know somewhere,
we just don’t have the energy or the inclination to put it into practice.”
(Laura Erdman-Luntz)

Share with us one thing you envision changing to reflect who you are becoming. Will you commit to it today?

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Shift

I have been considering this week's quote today:

“What if the Buddha came to dinner at your house? Or Jesus? Or God? Would you serve what you normally eat? If not, why not? And, more importantly, why do you not eat that way every day?” (Laura Erdman-Luntz)

I don't eat dairy due to physical sensitivities but miss cheese desperately and feel deprived. Last night I was at a dinner party and someone brought goat and sheep's cheese. Since those are easier on my system, I indulged. It was delicious! It certainly filled a craving. But then I felt quite, well, icky later. I began to think of myself as a spiritual being and my desire to awaken more deeply. I also knew that the ickiness I felt in my body was preventing me from feeling more deeply spiritual. I made a decision then to not eat any kind of cheese because it kept me from connecting more deeply spiritually. I felt a shift instantly. Now I wasn't coming from a "I can't have it." I was coming from "I want to awaken." It feels softer, more effortless, and it resonates with my compassionate self. I am no longer feeling deprived by my decision and instead feeling quite inspired!

Inspirational Quote

“What if the Buddha came to dinner at your house? Or Jesus? Or God? Would you serve what you normally eat? If not, why not? And, more importantly, why do you not eat that way every day?” (Laura Erdman-Luntz)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fast(ing) Food

(Marya) This has been an interesting month! After hearing about it from a friend, this month I decided to undertake a detox/cleanse type diet plan call Fat Flush. It is a plan to lose weight but a lot of what is in the plan includes detoxing or cleansing the body (hence the "flush") , pretty intensely for the first 2 weeks. Part of that includes eliminating the most common foods that cause sensitivities (not all out allergies but along that spectrum), such as sugar, dairy, wheat, etc.
Part of the reason I decided to do this is that I tend to eat a lot of carbs. I have a pretty strong sweet tooth for things like cereal, scones, muffins, etc. I know that I gravitate that way especially when I'm tired, not feeling well or just don't have the energy to make something good. Of course, that is exactly when I don't need sweets because they just make me feel worse. I want to stop the cycle.
And so it began May 2. The first 2 weeks was lots of water, lemon and cranberry juice, protein (meats, eggs and powder), numerous veggies and a few fruits. The first day was really tough and by the end of the day I had a headache - I really wanted something sweet! The days after that got easier as I settled into a bit of routine and the cravings for sweets began to go away.
Have you ever given up some type of food you really craved but knew it just wasn't good for you? What did you do for your "fast" and what was the result?

My Carb Addiction

So this month has been interesting for me. Marya has been going through a food detox for herself and talking about her challenges with her clearing her carbohydrate addiction. I have an incredibly clean diet (what comes of being wheat-, dairy-, and corn-free with no white sugar) so I didn’t think I had my carbohydrate addiction anymore. (Years ago I needed two bagels each day to feed my need for gluton! Took a few detoxes to get me off that diet!) Anyway, what was interesting was to notice that not only do I still have a bit of an addiction (I need carbs for breakfast and I like a little something sweet in the afternoon), I was quite irritable to find my husband had eaten the last cookie one day. Some work to do here... But I must say, just knowing about it has helped me change my behavior already.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eating Questions

Where I want you to begin is more from an energetic standpoint. Pay attention to how you feel as you are eating and for about an hour afterward. Here are some questions for yourself as you are eating:
• Does this smell and look good to me?
• Is it what I want right now?
• As I eat it, does it feed my hunger both physical and mental/emotional?

Still not sure if you are affected by food? Here are some questions to ask yourself after you eat:
• How do I feel now?
• Am I full of energy? Lethargic? Sleepy? Neutral?
• When I look back, did I enjoy my meal?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Inspirational Quote

"I took the time to understand the challenges that I am facing in my life right now and I feed those challenges with proper nourishment." (YLC Participant)