Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Renewing My Practice

I resonate with today's Module Morsel. Regularly reviewing the efficacy of my practice is essential in my life. Because I know my Spiritual Practice helps me feel grounded and centered, when I am not feeling grounded and centered, I know I need to make a change in my practice. Sometimes I need to shift something because of a change of beliefs. Sometimes I need to rearrange commitments to have more time for my practice. Other times I need to do less because it is feeling too cluttered. Knowing I can change my practice makes it more conscious.

A Discussion on Spiritual Practice

Here is a 13 minute podcast in which Laura, Marya, and Tammy discuss this month's focus. You can hear about Marya's very inspiring focus for the month, how Tammy is affected by her practice, and Laura's work to expand her Spiritual Practice without expanding her time on her Spiritual Practice. Enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Spiritual Practice: All the Time!

So, I decided my focus for this month was to deepen my daily spiritual practice, specifically my nontraditional practices. I am a mother with small children and I am in the process of beginning a new company. My time is gloriously full so, right now, I choose not to have a long, formal spiritual practice. I prefer to see each moment as an opportunity to be present, practice compassion, and live from the light inside of me. I cook with the intention of nourishing my family, I hug my children with love pouring out of me, I look at my husband attentively when he is speaking to me, I listen with my heart when students need my help.

I also found this post from the other blog. I blog here at the end of most months to summarize what the month meant to me. I had to chuckle because it fit what I am saying here!