Monday, March 31, 2008

5 people

(Marya) Today's inspirational quote got me thinking about the 5 people I spend the most time with. Who are they? How do I feel being around them? I think what I've discovered is that I really have 2 circles - my immediate family (husband and children) and other family and friends that I spend a lot of time with.
Of course I spend most of my time with my family. I have a husband and 3 kids. Yet when I think about it I notice that so often my mood sets the tone in the house. Yes, we do all interact and feed off of each other, yet as the mom I'm often looked to for answers, advice, direction and mood. It's as they say "If Mom is happy, then everyone's happy" (or vice versa!). Even more important then for me to ensure that the other people I spend time with are positive and uplifting - which they are!
So then who do I spend the most time with? My mom, my best friend and several other wonderful friends/colleagues.
Who are your 5?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Unplanned Fast

(Marya) I started on a media fast earlier this month, without really trying. The effects have been interesting nonetheless. I have not watched the news for some time (since the first time I did this program probably). Then, late last year I switched my Internet home page, which was previously set to MSN (news). I am fairly out of the news loop, however, the one thing I still had was our local weekly newspaper. It only comes on Thursdays and is mainly for our suburban city and surrounding communities. I did get some useful information from it (local events, etc.). About a month ago I received a renewal notice and unintentionally delayed paying the bill. Then several weeks ago I noticed the paper didn't come. My reaction was surprising! At first I was really uncomfortable. Almost a withdrawal type feeling - a little anxious. I came close to buying a copy at a gas station or asking my neighbor for hers. And I thought about sending the check for the subscription but then gave it more thought. Do I really need it? What parts do I need? Can I get that information elsewhere? So I've decided to let it go. If I really need event information, I can get it online or I'm sure one of my neighbors would help. In the meantime, I've got an extra 30 minutes each week to do something else!

Morning Radio Wakeup

When I worked in the 8 to 5 world the "wakeup alarm" was the radio set to a well known national talk radio station. After leaving the 8 to 5 world, the alarm is not always on and was not for the first 16 days of March - for no other reason than it just wasn't :-) My husband wanted to get up early on March 17th and asked me to set it. The next morning I woke up to what I will call "bad news". It was depressing and sad. As I was listening, I felt a heavy feeling in my heart. Later I noticed that I wasn't feeling the joy or connection that I usually feel each day. The experience has stayed with me since that morning as I have thought about it often. I have since changed the "alarm" to a CD that has very up-lifting music. A much better way to start my day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Noticing the Effects

(Marya) I have lots to share about the media this month! Where to begin? First, my husband has discovered YouTube and has been watching quite a bit lately. Yesterday he shared that he watched several videos from 9/11 the other night. He said he hadn't been searching for that topic, nor did he plan to watch a 71 minute video. What he also discovered was that by the end of the video, he grew so angry that his hands had formed into fists! We had a good discussion about how watching certain things can greatly affect your mood. His response was that he hadn't planned on doing it - he clicked out of curiosity and kept watching like he didn't have a choice. I know it's hard sometimes to turn away or turn it off when something we see or hear is intriguing and especially if it affects our emotions. Yet, it's important to realize that if it impacts us negatively (fists!) that it's even more important to remember that we have the choice and the power to turn it off.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Media Judgments

Okay, I admit it, I was wondering what I could possibly need to do in the media department to increase consciousness more. I already don't watch TV, read magazines, books that have any sort of negativity attached to them. I don't even see or anymore. (I identified them last year as my big challenge -- even seeing the headlines briefly as I passed by to my mail affected me). Then I got sick, really sick. I have been sick for 8 days now and still not fully recovered. When I was in the thick of it last week, I could hardly crawl to the bathroom. I hurt everywhere. For those of you with small children, you know how difficult this can be. I still needed to get meals together, do baths, and bedtimes. (My husband was doing double duty -- his things and teaching my classes). I turned to the TV for help and here is where my new awareness came up -- I judge watching TV, in general. I know and fully support not using TV to educate or babysit my children. I also appreciate that brain development doesn't occur when they are watching a two dimensional image. I also know I was truly desperate and when I began to judge myself for turning to TV, I felt negativity flare up. It was fascinating! So, here is my work for the month.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Final Thoughts on Fears

Last time we did the program we focused entirely on fear on this teleclass. This time we talked all about unmet needs. So, I want to share a thought that came out of the last program’s call around fear. Here is your question to ponder: Is there such a thing as a “realistic fear”. What does that mean for you? In your fear area in your life, how does the fear help you?

Final Thoughts on Unmet Needs

One great idea that came out of the call this week was letting go of how your needs should be met. One participant mentioned previously feeling very attached to how her needs were met (mostly, who needed to say what). She felt a tangible shift this month and was incredibly surprised to find her need being met in a completely unexpected way. (Interesting to note that the expectation of wanting a need met in a particular way can prevent the unexpected way from flowing into our life.)